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What is a Walk in Store?

This means the store has a physical store. You can visit their physical stores for purchases. Simply show your PC identity and get the relevant store privileges on HK.SHOP.COM.

Up to 2.00% Cashback

[App Registration]   Our shop, Baby K Online Shop, Search for quality and valuable products for all of our customers.
Our price will be strategically lower than the retail price of the market. We have wide range of products, including infant and young children's supplies, daily necessities, all kinds of fun products and services, and basically everything. 
We also provide group buying and oversea shopping. Not only our price is particularly cheap, but also with a wide range of different varieties of products that attracts customers to buy in large quantities for better value. We believe our quality products and excellent services will be dedicated to bring great satisfaction to our customers.
Address: Room 18, 7/F Metro Centre Phase I, 32 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay
Tel: 55464676

Store Conditions for BABY K ONLINE SHOP

* Deal restrictions may apply. Please refer to the terms and conditions of any given deal for Cashback eligibility.

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