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PrimeCredit WeWa Credit Card Application Shipping and Return Policy

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[Transaction Tracking] Here at PrimeCredit, aside from the low interest offered to all, you can also enjoy the following benefits: 

– Fast and caring service 
– Wide branch network 
– Convenient payment thru 7-Eleven stores, 24 hours a day 
– Attractive instant gift 
– No guarantor required 
– If you are working in Hong Kong for 5 years or more, you don’t need to have a “reference person” 

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Store Conditions

Please note the following to ensure your order can be entitled Cashback:__1. MUST click the ‘Shop Now’ button on partner store page for linking to partner store website __2. Avoid using Ad-blocker on your browser __3. Customers cannot be entitled privilege on mobile sites for some of the online partner stores. To ensure the transaction can be successfully traced, avoid using mobile devices for online shopping (eg. mobile app, tablet) __4. Clear all window browsers before shopping and please be aware of below conditions: - Transaction cannot be traced if more than one browser windows for one partner store are created - After first transaction, window browser should be closed before the next transaction. The window browser must be started over again to process the next transaction. Same window browser cannot be used for more than one transaction __5. Do not clear your browser history or cookies before checking out __6. The display page after checking out should be hold at least 2 minutes to make sure the transaction is traced

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* Deal restrictions may apply. Please refer to the terms and conditions of any given deal for Cashback eligibility.

PrimeCredit WeWa Credit Card Application